Mongolian Empire

Uncovering Insights into the World's Largest Land Empire and the People Who Built It

The Deadly Weapons that Powered the Mongols Across Medieval Battlefields

No individual weapon provided the key advantage for the Mongols in isolation. Instead, their combined use of ranged and close quarter arms, amplified by precise cavalry maneuvers, powered them to conquer heavily fortified regions.

Did Genghis Khan Have Any Grandchildren?

Though renowned as a brilliant military strategist and ruler, Genghis Khan is also known for his prolific propagation of offspring. This begs the question - among Genghis Khan's many children, did the great conqueror ever live to meet his grandchildren?

The Roman Empire vs. The Mongol Empire: A Historical Comparison

Despite ruling different regions and separated by over a millennium, these empires had several intriguing parallels even as they adopted diverse strategies of governance and military dominance.

What Was the Mongol Empire?

Explore the vast history of the Mongol Empire, the largest land empire ever. From Genghis Khan's founding in 1206 CE to its peak in the 13th century, covering Eastern Europe to the Sea of Japan. Learn more about this influential empire.

When Did Kublai Khan Die?

Kublai Khan finally passed away just before dawn on February 18, 1294. He was 79 by the traditional Chinese counting of age.

How Long Did It Take the Mongol Empire to Conquer More Land Than the Roman Empire?

77 years after Genghis Khan began uniting the Mongol tribes, his grandson Kublai Khan had completed the conquest of the Song dynasty in southern China. With this final conquest, the Mongol Empire encompassed all of modern-day China as well as Mongolia, Korea, and regions of Central Asia, Iran, and southern Russia - far surpassing the territorial extent of the Roman Empire at any point in its history.

Where Did Kublai Khan Move the Capital of His Empire?

In the early 13th century, the unified Mongol tribes of central Asia began expanding their empire under the ruthless and brilliant leadership of Genghis Khan.

How Kublai Khan Encouraged Trade in the Mongol Empire

As ruler of this vast empire, Kublai Khan implemented policies and initiatives to encourage trade and economic growth.

Why the Mongols Were Unstoppable on the Battlefield

Several key factors came together to make the Mongol army seemingly unstoppable on the battlefield during their rapid expansion.

The Remarkable Reign of Kublai Khan

Kublai Khan was the legendary founder and first Emperor of the Yuan dynasty in Mongolia and China.